Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We Still Don't Have An Appointment!

We are supposed to leave for MD Anderson tomorrow or Thursday...but we still don't know if chemotherapy is on Thursday or Friday...so we haven't been able to make the final plans or pack.  This is just another example of how we live day by day, minute by minute. We may leave tomorrow after lunch...or Thursday.  Before Zack having cancer, this would have caused me to have a panic attack.  I used to be very OCD and had to have a plan...for every minute of the day.  This is something the Lord has worked me through.  I can now shrug my shoulder and throw a bag together in no time.  It may require a trip to Target to pick up some forgotten items, but I no longer "sweat the small stuff". That is such a relief to me...and I know Zack is thankful for this side of me! ;)

Without knowing the day of chemo, I am unsure if we will see Dr. Jabbour this trip.  We were hoping to see the oncologist to go over some of the symptoms Zack has experienced and get answers but still haven't had appointment confirmation.

With the test done at the cardiologist, Dr. Napoli didn't find any significant changes.  They do not believe there is any more damage to his heart. We are so, so, so very thankful for these results...but! At the same time...it is scary to not know the root of the symptoms! Especially in  Zack's case.  He is still having the same symptoms daily so please continue to be in prayer for him!

Our dear friends started a campaign to fundraise money for Zack's final chemotherapy treatment.  The treatment is costing $16,800.  For those of you who generously donated to this fund, THANK YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  We are so thankful for your kindness, generosity, and heart to pray Zack through this challenge! 

We pray you will still keep him in your prayers as we travel to Houston sometime this week, hopefully see Dr. Jabbour and get some answers to Zack's symptoms, his FINAL IV chemotherapy, and peace for Zack!

Once again, thank you!!! We are so appreciative of your generosity and prayers!!!

God Bless!!!

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